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Developed to simulate the drafting process in architectural design, AutoCAD was initially designed to be used by architects. To be true to the goal of architects, the software had to work without the use of specialized features for industrial, mechanical, civil or construction engineering purposes. As demand for this software grew, Autodesk also began marketing the software to other professionals including planners, engineers, geologists, surveyors, mapmakers, landscape architects and technical professionals who used the software in their industry. AutoCAD’s user base and application range have since expanded to include users of 2D and 3D drafting in a variety of fields. In addition to use in engineering, surveying, mapmaking, landscaping and design, the software has been used in education, corporate training, research, military, and scientific applications. AutoCAD is used to create a wide range of 2D and 3D documents including construction documents, production drawings, technical drawings, flowcharts, and plans. Additional information about AutoCAD is available at Approved Use in Research The software is approved for general research use in the classroom and for general laboratory use in education institutions in accordance with these guidelines. Please note that Autodesk does not guarantee that research licensed under this program will be acceptable for course or lab assignments or for university testing. Questions For additional information about AutoCAD, send email to About AutoCAD Approved Use in Education The software is approved for use by instructors for course- or laboratory-based instruction in educational institutions in accordance with these guidelines. For information about more details on this approval process, please refer to the approved use guidelines. Questions For additional information about AutoCAD, send email to How does the approval process work? An individual interested in licensing AutoCAD should first contact the Autodesk Education and Training team. All inquiries are sent to the Autodesk Education and Training team at AutoCAD Education and Training team will check if the applicant has the appropriate license for the program(s) in which they are interested and will provide the applicant with a license.

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The SuperCAD operating system is no longer supported. The Drawing List feature has been removed. The SmartDraw service is discontinued. AutoCAD Activation Code commands The AutoCAD Free Download commands are designed to minimize the use of the mouse, by allowing commands to be executed directly from the keyboard. Some commands map to standard computer operations: Turning a workplane or 3D model’s view to the side or front Zooming in and out Rotating and scaling objects Tracing with the Pen tool Copying Pasting Rounding Collapsing objects Erasing objects Undo Redo Snapshotting Designing environments Refreshing The 2010 software release introduces a new command language, “System Commands” (SC), which allows the automatic creation of predefined commands which can be used to operate on multiple objects. AutoCAD’s software architecture uses an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) methodology. Like all object-oriented programming languages, AutoCAD utilizes objects to store information, perform tasks and be the basis for creating new objects. Each object has its own properties, such as color, linetype, fill pattern, text properties, etc. The user can change the properties of the object, save the changes and then apply the changes to other objects. When a new object is added to a drawing, the user can also specify the command that will be executed when the object is selected. In AutoCAD 2008, several new features were added to the program: Embedded Database MMM, which allows the user to have a personal in-application database, which is accessed by opening a template file which contains a series of queries. The queries can be used to generate dynamic tables based on the database’s records. The structure of the database can be changed to suit any project, without having to recreate the entire database. Script Properties, which allows the creation of scripts with more than one user or object with parameters and expressions. Advanced Database Viewer, which is a tool that lets the user view the database with tabs, find specific items and see the queries used to populate the database. AutoCAD LT AutoCAD LT (Autodesk, Inc.) is a free 2D drafting program, and the basis for other Autodesk drafting software, including AutoCAD and AutoCAD Web Application (as of 2013). AutoCAD ca3bfb1094

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Go to: File > Import / Export > Create from scratch Click on Choose Existing Click on Default and type: – for 3D – for 2D select the location Click ok and Click OK Click on Save as type : dxf Type: tesla_ver_15 Save the file as Wait for the files to be imported and then close autocad. How to install the model in Autocad After completing all the steps above, you should see the model in Autocad. Now you can extrude the model. If you have not yet activated your license key,you will not be able to extrude the model. But you can activate your license key by clicking on license key and selecting Activate Now On Thursday, the New York Times reported that New Jersey’s Republican governor, Chris Christie, signed an executive order banning the use of anti-Israel language in state contracts, among other liberal platitudes. Christie, the paper added, “has said that his decision was intended to counter Republican politicians who have embraced the language, a reference to some prominent Republicans who have attacked Mr. Obama over Israel.” For instance, a group called Republicans for the Rule of Law has been trying to convince delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland that Romney should be replaced with a pro-Israel candidate. The complaint comes from a man named Guy Short who appears to be a Jewish investment banker from Chattanooga, Tennessee. “This year, you can make a difference. But you need to turn the system on its head,” Short writes in a video. “The Republican Party is in danger of being hijacked by its fringe elements.” The rest of the short video makes references to President Obama’s ties to Iran, the minimum wage, the Affordable Care Act, gay marriage, and other liberal grievances. Saving the GOP is not a new cause. The GOP has a history of taking on small challenges that force it to take a long view of its own problems. “The future of the Republican Party lies in its ability to reassert its historic role as a voice of moderation and pragmatism, rather than dogmatism and extremism,” journalist James Wolcott wrote in 2008. “The GOP has to reinvent itself and move beyond the tea-party and religious

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Introducing the new Paper Folding feature that reduces the amount of paper needed to create vector drawings. In addition, a new program, Markup Assist, that provides the ability to import vector drawings to Illustrator or PowerPoint, from any folder, document, or clipboard. A redesigned version of the Move tool makes it easier to edit vector objects, and a new Shape Layer helps you more easily edit vector objects that are contained within other shapes. Automatic Curves: Add new automated points, automatically based on your drawing, to control fitting, improve clean line segments, and reduce the effort of creating smooth curves. More flexible control of curve radius. Greater control over curved segment start and end points. Enhanced Curvature Plots. Radial Curves: Add new Automatic Curves to the drawing for bends and twists. These curves are optimized for paper thickness. The curve styles are automatically displayed in the ribbon when you add a curve. The automatic points are automatically placed based on the curve style. New curve commands for straightening, correcting, and extending curves. Smart Snapping: Drag a line to place a point, and AutoCAD automatically snaps to the closest nearby edge. Use the new Dynamic Viewport to have AutoCAD adjust automatically to fit the drawing window. Additional 3D views for toolbars and ribbon: Use the 3D Mini Toolbar and 3D ribbon to easily work with 3D. More 3D views available in the Ribbon tab. There is a new 3D Match option to automatically adjust the 3D Match control point to fit your object. Cut, copy, move, and paste commands are available in 3D. 4D Navigate: Rotate, zoom, pan, and move in 4D. A new 4D Tab on the ribbon. 4D view commands are available in the ribbon. AutoLines: Make linear traces that automatically update as you modify your object. Create and modify traces that follow paths, lines, and arrows. The AutoLines tool automatically adapts to the line settings in the current drawing and the current drawing context. The AutoLines tool always recognizes the current line style and you

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Windows 8.1 64bit OS 4GB RAM Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU T7500 @ 2.5GHz (1.5GB) AMD Phenom(TM) II X4 945 BE, AMD Phenom(TM) II X4 965 BE, or Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3320 CPU @ 3.2GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 8GB HD space Windows 8, Windows 7

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