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The earliest version of AutoCAD was released on December 7, 1982, and it was one of the first CAD software programs available for a microcomputer. Originally costing $695 for a single-user license, AutoCAD went on to become one of the fastest-selling software products ever. According to Autodesk, AutoCAD was the fastest-selling single-user software program ever, with over one million units sold in its first year alone.

With this software, users can design and edit 2D and 3D objects (e.g., architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, site design, industrial design, art, etc.). Some of the well-known 2D objects that can be designed with AutoCAD include the following:

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Atlas of Anatomy

Atlas of Anatomy is a 3D anatomical atlas which can be used for medical education and teaching. This software was first released in 1984.

In The Engineering Line®, we design and build kits for our customers. Many of our kits contain components that are designed and machined to be used in combination with other products we offer. While the kits are designed for mechanical, electronics, electrical and manufacturing companies, we also provide CAD design drawings and other engineering design software products for many of these companies.We have two types of product lines: (1) 3D-CAD (including 3D-CAD Inventor, CAD-ME, Web Design, Illustrator, DWG, DXF and PDF files), and (2) EDGE (including EDGE 2010, EDGE 2011, MFC, DGN and DFX files).

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture (also known as AutoCAD ARCH) is an architectural design software program from Autodesk. AutoCAD Architecture enables architects and other professionals to create highly accurate and highly detailed virtual models and drawings of any building or complex of buildings.

The 2012 AutoCAD Architecture software was upgraded and released on January 27, 2012. As of today, AutoCAD Architecture is compatible with both PC and Mac systems. AutoCAD Architecture is installed along with AutoC

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The screen of the latest version of AutoCAD offers the following toolbars:
Document Tab
AutoCAD ActiveX (also known as ADX)
Home tab
All panels

The Standard toolbar has several tools. These include:
Home tab
Word wrap
Set stroke properties
Set reference points
Set Union/Miter/Round
Sheet Sets

The Ribbon bar is in three sections, each containing several icons. These sections are:

The Document Tab has a list of tools that includes:
AutoCAD Architectural Library
AutoCAD Electrical Library
AutoCAD Civil 3D Library
Geometric Transformations
Sheet Sets

The AutoCAD ActiveX toolbar supports the:
Change Reference point
Find command
Snapping tool

The Home tab contains tools for performing common functions. The view of the drawing window is displayed at the top of the window, and the menu of the drawing itself is displayed to the left of the window. The default view of the drawing window is Ortho mode. There are several options which can be set for the view from which to open the drawing window, including Scale mode, Project mode, Rotation mode and Toolbox view. The option for opening the drawing file is called the CAD Menu. The tools include:
Zoom origin
Fit to space
Centered on
Design Center
Drawing view
Modeling view
Enterprise View
Multiuser view

The AutoCAD 2007 Standard toolbar is identical to the AutoCAD 2003 toolbar, except that the buttons in the ribbon bar are differently labeled (for instance, the button for setting the reference point is labeled in a greenish colour). The ribbon bar consists of the following icons:

There are a number of commands for the ribbon bar:
More commands

An AutoCAD ActiveX toolbar appears in AutoCAD 2010. It is completely different

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Drawing edits are assigned to a change set and saved for review later.

Drawing snap to object and drawing bounds are updated as you move objects and create shapes.

You can drag and drop objects to any part of the drawing, and easily see relationships between objects in the same part.

Selecting an image in a document opens it to scale in the drawing.

You can rotate, scale, move, and mirror objects by selecting them directly in the drawing or by drag and drop.

The AutoCAD Drawing Toolbox allows you to draw, view, and edit images and symbols such as charts and graphs.

See more details at the Autodesk Learning Network (AUG-00480).

Drawing Tools:

Take your CAD work to the next level with new drawing tools that offer more ways to view and edit your drawings and maintain them in the cloud.

All drawing tools and commands are scalable, so you can zoom and move easily around the drawing, even if you work on a smaller screen.

Shapes are updated automatically when you move them.

When you move objects, you can see relationships between objects in the same part.

The latest release of AutoCAD is fully connected to cloud technology. You can work on your drawings in the cloud, and whenever you save or review them on a computer, they are automatically synchronized in the cloud. You can store and share your drawings in the cloud so you don’t need to store your AutoCAD drawings locally. Your shared AutoCAD drawing is automatically updated whenever you save or upload your drawings. It is also immediately available for review and revision from the cloud.

Maintain and edit drawings in the cloud

Take your drawings to the cloud to view, edit, annotate, and share your drawings with others. You can work on AutoCAD drawings in the cloud and easily share your drawings with others without storing them locally.

Before: You can’t change the name, text, or move objects on your local machine. To work on your drawing, you must exit and then reopen the drawing.

After: You can edit the name, text, and move objects on your local machine, and the drawing is automatically updated in the cloud.

See more details at the Autodesk Learning Network (AUG-4541).

System Requirements

This version of AutoCAD is available

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Osx 10.11.2
1GHZ Intel Core i5 or i7
1GB of RAM
Windows 7 or Higher
Intel Core i5 or i7
System Requirements:
256MB of VRAM (or greater)
4GB of free hard drive space (Mac OSX)
How to install and play:

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