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AutoCAD R14 was released in March 2015. Its user interface is consistent with its previous releases, but there are important changes to its underlying technologies that make its process of creating drawings more efficient.

AutoCAD may be purchased or licensed for use, either for a single user or a network of users, and is available as a desktop app for use on PCs with Windows or Mac OS X operating systems, or as a web app available on mobile devices using various operating systems. There are also standalone or embedded versions of AutoCAD available for microcomputers.

In all cases, AutoCAD is used to draw on drawings that already exist; the drawings can be static, such as a blueprint, or dynamic, such as an animation. AutoCAD has been used by architects and engineers, model builders, and machinists.

In each case, the drawing is called a “document”. The user specifies settings for the drawing and, using the drawing tools, creates the layout of the document. After the document has been created, other features, such as measuring and moving objects, may be used to “animate” the document. A complete Autodesk Autodesk provides unlimited access to AutoCAD and its features in the cloud via an online subscription or on-demand via an annual subscription.

Product History

The following information describes how AutoCAD has evolved since its initial introduction, and what it can do today.

In the early 1980s, computer-aided drafting (CAD) had reached a stage of maturity where the work of the CAD operator could be divided into two distinct phases: creation of a drawing on a desktop or a graphical terminal and viewing of the drawing on a graphics terminal. This two-step process required a certain degree of discipline on the part of the CAD operator, who was working alone in his/her office.

The introduction of AutoCAD and other CAD programs in the mid-1980s made possible a third phase of the CAD process: the ability to automatically manipulate the content of a drawing without the intervention of the CAD operator. This phase was made possible by a set of design goals that the designers of CAD programs were trying to achieve. These goals included:

A CAD program should be easy to use and should not require great skill or training.

The computer should be a flexible medium that could be used for projects of any size, shape, or complexity.

The program should be available to

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AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack is a native CAD application, which means that the user interface is stored inside the file as binary data. This has a number of advantages, including that AutoCAD Crack Mac can be used as a batch file, as well as by the command line or from a script or macro. The program, along with all its drawings, is stored as a single file, which can be distributed across multiple drives or folders. An individual document can contain a drawing of any of a number of drawing types. Files can also be saved from within the program.

It is possible to work with AutoCAD files in Microsoft Office programs, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and the files are able to open and save in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. AutoCAD also works with various file types, such as DWG, DWF, DXF and JPEG. AutoCAD users can share drawings, applications and components through a variety of means, including the Internet, file servers, and the AutoCAD Exchange sites.


AutoCAD 1.0 (1987) was released in 1987 as a joint effort by Morgan Kaufmann and Micrografx.

AutoCAD 2.0 (1992) was the first release of a new version of AutoCAD. It is the first version of AutoCAD that was rewritten in C++.

AutoCAD 3.0 (1994) was the first major release of AutoCAD. It was the first version of AutoCAD that was a 32-bit application, and thus it could be installed on more platforms. AutoCAD 3.0 introduced several new features, such as snap to grid, more command keywords, and detailed rules.

AutoCAD 4.0 (1996) was the first version of AutoCAD to use the new DSTM (Data Storage Technology Module) technology. This included faster storage and retrival of data on disks, as well as vastly increased performance. It was also the first version of AutoCAD that introduced new commands, such as “press/snap”.

AutoCAD 7.0 (2003) was the first version of AutoCAD to use the new programming language Visual Studio.NET. Visual Studio.NET enabled the creation of new AutoCAD applications.

AutoCAD 2002 was released in 2002. AutoCAD 2002 introduced the concept of “sketches”, which are elements that can be combined into groups, such as to create

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What’s New In?

Configure tool path constraints to control the accuracy of your drawing. Set up guidelines and limit the workspace when you want the tool to only cut to within a specific tolerance. (video: 5:05 min.)

Pick automatically defines a best set of the top candidates from your candidate pool and pick that candidate from the other cursor. Pick automatically draws a selection based on your design intent. Choose between Fixed and Infinite Increments, enabling you to control the amount of work you perform each time you move your pick. (video: 5:30 min.)

Set your line color directly on an object. Select a part of an object and quickly edit that color for the entire object. Change color or pattern with a single click. (video: 1:20 min.)

Compose objects as you move. Create a reusable Compose group that contains multiple related parts to quickly position them together. Drag multiple parts into a Compose group and snap them to each other to create a pattern. (video: 2:40 min.)

New Output Spooler:

Speed up your output by efficiently using your available resources and improving your workflows. Your output spooler allows you to send your drawings to print and export directly from AutoCAD, without needing to create a separate spool file. (video: 2:55 min.)

Automatically transfer all the information from a construction file to a production file. When you import a production file, all the related information and properties are sent to the production file. When you export a drawing, the production file information is sent to the spool file. (video: 2:55 min.)

Save time by reusing named object sets. Create one object set and apply it to multiple drawings. Then, you can create a new drawing, add the same object set, and have it appear with all the options, properties, and parameters from the existing drawing. (video: 2:55 min.)

New Precision Editing for Flexure and X,Y Coordinate Systems:

Precision editing provides the ability to draw a perfect curve that can be applied to existing geometry. You can create or edit the initial path, and then refine the curve by adjusting the X and Y coordinates to achieve an exact fit. (video: 2:50 min.)

Quickly view the three-dimensional behavior of your objects. View the base points and the inflection points of a curve, snap to the curve,

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

PC Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Windows 7, 8, 10 Processor: 2.8 GHz or faster Intel Core i5, i7, i3, or AMD equivalent
2.8 GHz or faster Intel Core i5, i7, i3, or AMD equivalent Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or better
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or better DirectX: 11
Other: 8 GB available space

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