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Autodesk’s first architectural CAD program was Architool, which was based on HBURB, a system developed at Michigan State University in 1962. HBURB had been designed as a technical aid for drafting architectural projects, and since then HBURB had become known for being a flexible design application.

After HBURB, Autodesk developed a CAD system for architectural drafting named ArchiCAD. The name ArchiCAD was a short form of ARCHitectural Computer Aided Design. Architectural CAD, and AutoCAD were the first major CAD programs designed for architectural design.

Design Process with CAD

The CAD concept was initially used as a computer aid for the physical design of buildings, starting from the architectural design stage to the construction stage.

The Architectural CAD system was created as a design and drafting tool, primarily to be used by architects, designers and draftsmen to create and revise designs, models, and construction documents.

The AutoCAD program was developed by the company’s software design group. The software created a revolution in the CAD world, particularly for architects, builders and engineers, and the programs also contributed to the growth of computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) technology.

The design process with CAD software is started by creating a drawing in the drawing window.

The User then selects a first object or command.

The user then defines each section, arc, straight line, spline, or freeform shape.

The user then draws connections between the objects, to form a complete drawing.

The user may also interact with a simulation window.

CAD provides the user with a very interactive environment.

Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2020 allows users to easily create 2D and 3D diagrams, drawings, and designs for any number of applications. For a complete list of CAD features, visit this link.

Key features of AutoCAD:

The best features of AutoCAD, which allow you to create 2D and 3D diagrams and drawings, are:

Drawing object Creation: Create line, arc, spline, polyline, spline and freeform shapes and text objects.

Create line, arc, spline, polyline, spline and freeform shapes and text objects. Text: Edit text attributes, and create text in any size, style

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From 2007 to 2012 Autodesk has marketed the product under a $500/year licensing model called Autodesk Autocad Training Studio Autodesk even has a small amount of commercial AutoCAD expertise. It was later discontinued for Autodesk 2015


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Autocad 2013 is sold separately.


Internet Explorer 7 or higher
Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1


Makefile: How to make a target depend on every source file?

I’m trying to get a makefile to work where I want the ‘a’ target to depend on every source file (the cpp files). It seems to be doing that correctly. However, if I change one of the source files and recompile, the target still depends on the original file, rather than the new file. How can I make the target depend on all of the source files?
It seems like this is common, so it should have a common solution. I thought of simply looping through each source file, but that seems inefficient.
make b
make c

g++ -g -Wall -I ${TEMPLATE} -c $< cpp2.cpp: g++ -g -Wall -I ${TEMPLATE} -c $< # Dependencies: ${TEMPLATE} =../../template/ A: From your question, I am assuming you are using GNU make. Makefile is essentially a list of steps, and each step is responsible for constructing and doing something with a file. You can write them as make variables (e.g., cpp1.cpp as %.cpp) and then all your steps will be specified as cpp1.cpp: g++ -g -Wall -I ${TEMPLATE} -c $< or you can write them in a single line by using brace expansion and wildcard expansion (see `%'). ${TEMPLATE} =../../template/ cpp1.cpp: g++ -g -Wall -I ${TEMPLATE} -c $< cpp2.cpp: g++ -g -Wall -I ${TEMPLATE} -c $< Note, you don't need to specify the executable name; I just picked the second one as an example. Your mistake is the part after all. Make only compiles and runs a target

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Get the most out of DWG Markup Assist with improved search capabilities. Use filter options to find the objects that you need. Add and edit detailed comments on specific objects directly. (video: 1:45 min.)

AutoCAD 2023 will also make it easy to work with people. With new contacts and files management features, it is now possible to work with the same CAD model throughout your project with a different team member.

Enhanced DWG:

With improvements to the DWG engine, the DWG 2.3 format will allow for a more intuitive user experience and easier editing.

Revised DWG XML file format. DWG XML can now be used as a complete native DWG schema. You can now edit DWG XML files with many applications that you use with DWG files. AutoCAD has always supported DWG XML as a native file format.

Automatic structured modeling. DWG XML can now be used as a standard to generate a hierarchical model of any type of DWG file.

Add and edit in DWG Help. Improve your authoring experience with better DWG Help that is intuitive and lets you quickly find information about drawing objects, DWG information, and the location of data on your hard disk.

DWG Import/Export feature. Move DWG files to other applications by simply opening them. DWG files now include the original DWG file as a link, so you can open DWG files in any application.

Automatic object splitting. Objects can be automatically split or merged based on their geometry.

Work with 3D objects. Draw and edit 3D objects such as groups, surfaces, and solids directly in DWG format.

Draw complex solids and freeform surfaces.

Improved DWG Analysis tool:

Find and correct numeric errors directly in your DWG files. Better support for PDF DWG files.

Create, edit, and verify geometries. Extract all geometries in your DWG files and create a new file for each object. Export a DWG file to a native format such as DXF.

More information

The following table shows new features and benefits:

Feature/Benefit DWG & DXF Enhanced DWG Support DWG Features: Unified Support for DWG & DXF DWG 2.3 Format DWG XML Support DWG XML User Interface Changes New

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
64-bit compatible operating system is required.
1 GB RAM is the recommended minimum for installation.
2 GB of available hard drive space for installation.
DirectX 8.0 or higher is recommended.
This application is not compatible with devices that run on ARM processors.
For a list of supported systems visit

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