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All Earthlings have been killed. Your planet has become a dark and bloody planet with the ruins of the cities full of murdered aliens and humans in horrifying chaos. You’ve used your new found powers to escape the massacre in the cities, but you’re not alone. You have the abilities to become a force of nature. You are the most powerful being you’ve ever known. And now you must take revenge on the alien species. New Features : New Brutal Glory Missions : Progress through the Brutal missions to unlock weapons, futuristic power-ups and devastating new abilities! New Perks : Upgrade your health, speed, jumps, melee kicks and invincibility to avoid getting killed and survive longer. New Weapons : Use a variety of futuristic weapons to kill and destroy the aliens. New Bosses : Fight the alien creatures and the three warriors who have murdered mankind. Upgraded graphics (ultra HD 4K) : Experience graphics that will completely change your view of ‘alien the game’. Dynamic interactions between spaceships and aliens : Each spaceship is 3D compatible and follows you as you destroy aliens. Shooting : Use the enemy computer to learn the best spawn positions so you can shoot the alien with the most confidence. 3D Gunplay : Walk around freely to fight the enemies. Survival : Protect yourself from the alien enemies. Play as a Human : Start with unlimited health and use the new health power-ups and weapons to kill the alien creatures. Play as an Alien : Use the new ability power-ups to destroy the Earthlings with incredible violence. About the Developer : We are a team of five passionate game enthusiasts. We’re currently based in Paris, France with offices in Lyon, Singapore, and Kickstarter. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to write us. SuperJam : Development and distribution of independent games for PC. Game on Steam : Facebook : Twitter : Credits : Music : Ellijay (OATC) – The Game is free for Steam :


Ashes Of The Night Features Key:

  • Move and shoot enemy vessels and destroy asteroids to make your way to the target planet
  • Play through multiple missions that differ in difficulty level and gameplay
  • Build your spaceship, pilot, gun control systems, items and dozens of new ships
  • Team up with your opponents
  • Use player chat to communicate with your player friends and complete challenges
  • Join a Universe of other players online and find friends or play against bots in multi-player competitive and coop environments
  • Challenge yourself and your friends to settings modes with no limitations on time for perfect scores
  • Invite your friends to play through social networks and join your Universe of friends
  • Announce your presence on your own planet and challenge the top citizens to duel


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Ashes Of The Night For PC [March-2022]

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