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The Short Version: Quick Fix

As shown in Figure 3-3, the Quick Fix feature makes it easy for you to edit an image using Photoshop’s main tools for image retouching. So although you can edit your images in Photoshop and use the Quick Fix window for quick edits, you can also do these edits in Photoshop from the editing workspace window that appears when you switch to Edit mode.

FIGURE 3-3: Image retouching is fast and easy with Photoshop’s Quick Fix.

As shown in Figure 3-3, the Quick Fix window gives you an easy way to resize, rotate, crop, and flip an image. It also offers a few image retouching tools for editing your images: Eraser, Liquify, Paths, and Red Eye Remover.

With Quick Fix on, pressing the key toggles between Edit and Quick Fix modes. As long as you have Control+click or right-click, you can switch to this mode from any editing mode. When you switch to Quick Fix mode, the tools that appear on the Edit tool bar are the same as they are in any other editing mode ‚ÄĒ just as if you’d opened the image in Photoshop from the Files menu.

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The photos were created from the original files, so you can see the original captures. Enjoy ?

Stefano Luciano Valente

Alfonso Martino Paz Fern√°ndez

Remi Rocher

Paolo ChiariniSabina Arruti, la hija de Federico Storoni y esposa de Fernando Espinoza

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“El Senado constituyente la vamos a avanzar de la mano de la CNC, de la CGT, de la DC y de la UCR. No solo vamos a competir por el cambio, vamos a competir por las cosas en las que creemos”, se√Īal√≥ a la nacion Cristina Castro, hija del l√≠der socialista Jos√© “Pepe” Goyeneche, a quien vinculan el cargo de encargado de la campa√Īa del espacio propuesto por el ex ministro Julio De Vido.

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Saving an Associative Array from an input field in php

So im trying to save this form data into a database. I have already validated this form and checked that no data was left blank. How ever i can’t for the life of me figure out why it isn’t saving when i click the save button. There are no errors and also no need for an ajax save. All i want it to do is to save the values of the 3 textboxes into 3 columns in a mysql table and then save it to the database. What is the problem with the code below.

$conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $database);

$crc = $_POST[‘crc’];
$cad = $_POST[‘cad’];
$reb = $_POST[‘reb’];

$query = ‘INSERT INTO users (crc, cad,reb) VALUES(“‘.$crc.'”,”‘.$cad.'”,”‘.$reb.'”‘)’;

if($conn->query($query) === TRUE) {
echo “Records updated successfully.”;

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How to get special price from Amazon in C# Console application?

How to get special price from Amazon in C# Console application?
I found this post (How to grab the Amazon List Price for a product in C#?) but it seems like that is not working anymore.
I tried to change it from the first post and it is still not working.


From How to get a product’s special price in C#?
There is no support for this anymore. You have to do the whole thing with FBA.
string base_url = “”;

AmazonWebService service = new AmazonWebService();

// Get the value for id_product
// GetItemParam is a querystring parameter for item id
GetItemParamType GetItemParam = new GetItemParamType();
GetItemParam.Key = “id_product”;
GetItemParam.Value = item_id;

GetItemRequestType request = new GetItemRequestType();
request.RequestName = “FulfillmentByAmazonRequest”;
request.ResponseGroup = “Small”;

GetItemResponseType response = service.GetItem(request);
GetItemParametersType parameters = new GetItemParametersType();
parameters.ItemId = item_id;

// Wait for 30 seconds

// Add the price to the array
GetItemSurchargeType getItemSurcharge = new GetItemSurchargeType();
getItemSurcharge.SellerFulfilledFlag = seller_fulfilled;
getItemSurcharge.ShipDate = DateTime.Now;
getItemSurcharge.Sku = item_name;
getItemSurcharge.Price = price;

GetItemResponseType requestSurcharge = service.AddItemSurcharge(parameters, getItemSurcharge);


Extracting just the value from Google Style

I have the following code to pull the result for all styles at the time of submission. The file is pulled from Google Sheet.
var styleElement = document.getElementById(‘styleSelect_0’);
var styleList = styleElement.options[styleElement.selectedIndex].value;

styleList is the string of

System Requirements For Apps To Download Photoshop:

Windows 7/Vista
1 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
20 GB of free space
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