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| **_F IGURE 4-16_**

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The instructors at the **learningpix**.com website have produced a number of tutorials dedicated to Photoshop. By paying an annual fee of $25, you can enjoy some of the best digital art tutorials available to the public. The tutorials are divided by title, and it’s easy to navigate through each set of tutorials. Additional tutorials can be purchased for $10 each (see Figure 4-16).

## **Create a Design in Photoshop**

Some designers learn to draw before transitioning to Photoshop, in the belief that a pencil and paper have more learning benefits. Other designers begin with Photoshop and transition to digital art later. Be sure you have a portfolio of work from both pencil and digital art prior to applying to graduate school.

Photoshop can be used to simplify design and create designs from scratch, as you will see here. You will create a postage stamp-size logo, then turn it into an **icon** that you can drop into an email signature. You can also design flyers and other marketing materials in the program.

We’ll start with a simple design. Open up Photoshop by pressing Ctrl+O (Windows) or Command+O (Mac). Click the “New” button in the lefthand toolbar (see Figure 4-17). The New dialog box should appear. In the New Document window, in the From drop-down menu, select “Image.” Leave the Size at 96 pixels wide by 48 pixels high. The resolution is more than adequate for our design.

**Figure 4-17** Creating a new document in Photoshop

Next, click on the New Document icon in the tool bar. Click the “+” icon in the Tool Options bar at the top of the window and choose “Brush.” Drag the pointer over any blank area of the canvas until it fills with black (see Figure 4-18).

**Figure 4-18** Adding a new layer in Photoshop

When you create a new layer, it will appear as a transparent square in the Layer Control window (see Figure 4-19). To simplify your design, make sure there are no other layers on the background. Click the background to lock all other layers, and click the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layer Control window.

**Figure 4-19** Creating a new layer

Click the “Fill

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In this article, we’ll guide you through all the steps required to use Photoshop Elements. We’ll cover:

basic image editing

creating new images

organising images into folders

creating web pages

editing text and graphics

We’ll look at how to add layer styles and filters, and also at how to crop and resize images.

You’ll also learn how to use Photoshop Elements for web designers and to create interesting chat emojis.

Get set to learn Photoshop Elements!

This guide assumes that you have basic computer skills and are comfortable with Windows 7 and Windows 10. You’ll also need access to Adobe Photoshop Elements (see below for how to download it).

If you are looking for a free, alternative web design software that you can use online, try C9 by Canva. We’ve used it for more than a year with our photo websites and it works well.

Basic image editing

There are five main tools that most people use to edit images. This is the best place to start and we’ll walk you through each tool as we go.

The five tools are:

The Painter tool

The Brush tool

The Lasso tool

The Gradient tool

The Spot Healing tool


Select a canvas of the right size, then click on the Paintbrush tool at the top of the toolbar.

The paintbrush (image credit: Zeropack)

When the paintbrush is selected, you’ll see the colour palette. Here you can choose the colour you want to use for the paintbrush.

The paintbrush (image credit: Zeropack)

When you draw with the paintbrush, the pixels are picked up and moved across the canvas.

You can erase areas you’ve previously painted by clicking on the erase-tool icon (image credit: Zeropack)

To create a new image or modify an existing one:

Click on the New button and start painting.

Click on the select/paintbrush icon (image credit: Zeropack)

Click and hold on the canvas until an outline of the selection appears, then you can drag the outline onto any area of the canvas to choose it.

Click and hold to select an area (image credit: Zeropack

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What’s New In Adobe Photoshop CS5?

This effect is popular among graphic designers because the selected portion of an image can be manipulated to create another, e.g. a shadow or semi-transparent color overlaid onto another. The underlying area of the image remains unchanged. The amount of transparency is adjusted using the Opacity slider
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System Requirements:

• 2GB system memory and 512MB of Video RAM
• Windows Vista or Windows 7
• 256MB Graphics card with DirectX 9.0c
• 2GB hard drive space
• OpenGL 3.2 graphics with drivers for your card
• A DirectX 9-compatible sound card (but this is not required)
• 3D Acceleration turned on in your graphics card settings
• The GIMP version required by this tool to perform the crack is 2.8.8
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