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Starting with the basics Although the vast majority of users will simply use their desktop computer to develop images, certain programs need to be used for specific types of image editing.

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Below are useful tips to help you edit images in Photoshop. Some of these will help you get started, while others will be useful for more experienced users. 10 Photoshop Tips Gather Feedback Before you start editing an image, it’s important to gather as much feedback from others as possible. Check out the comments that have been left by other people on the photo. Even if they don’t help you directly, they may give you a better idea of how to edit the image. If you don’t know who you know in the photoshop community, you can use the Find a Photographer or Find a Graphic Designer feature to find a local person who you think may be able to help you. You can also ask your friends on social media. Look at the image on a big screen or a retina display If you are editing an image on a phone or laptop, you might have some trouble seeing some of the screen. Change the Image Size Photoshop allows you to resize your images so that they are easier to view in Photoshop or when printed. You can make the image as big or as small as you want, and even crop the picture to make a particular part of the image stand out. You can use the Photo Size feature to change the resolution or type of output (print, screen, or jpeg). Select the Crop tool, either from the toolbox, or the main toolbar. Then drag the outlines of the image on the screen to crop the image. Synchronize your image Synchronizing an image is the process of making sure that it matches in size, color, and lighting. If you want to edit multiple images, it is good to use Photoshop’s synchronicity capabilities to ensure that all your images have the same lighting and color. This makes it easier to edit all the images at the same time. To synchronize your images: Open the file on Photoshop Elements Open the Photoshop Elements interface. Click File. Open a file Open the file you want to sync from another location. Click Save As. Select or create a new file. Choose a destination for the new image. Scale and Align an image Select any objects in the image, such as people, background objects, and the overall scene. When you’re done editing the image, you can either adjust the size a681f4349e

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