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Welcome to the Hotel Victoria where elegant guests are also the scene of a mysterious and tragic event. It is up to you to find out the reason for this macabre sight, and to help the authorities to solve this strange case.
– Play as two detectives – Zoë and James
– 20 Hidden Object scenes
– Halloween atmosphere during the story and in the bonus game
– Shooting game in the bonus chapter
– Original soundtrack
– Imaginative concept art
System Requirements:
This game is intended for persons aged 18+.
OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTS 450, Shader Model 3.0
DirectX: Version 10
Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
Additional Notes:
This game is compatible with other Microsoft Windows OS.
Online Passwords:
* Please note that this is an online pass. Additional content will be added after release.
* The game will not work without online pass.
The game runs on a single installer.
Download Links:
think that the whole idea of these, as you would expect, are generating headlines and controversies. It seems that in the US, the Obama-branded jerseys are likely to be popular. I for one am not seeing the same kind of outrage. However, it would be too easy for me to be swayed by what I see. I will certainly get myself a pair though.

The jerseys themselves are good:

On this one for example, I like that you can clearly see that the number 7 doesn’t extend across the front. It looks like it is like the letter U. The actual number on the back is also a lot bigger than some of the number plates I have seen.

The jerseys seem to be more unique and different from the other MLR jerseys. I just like the fact that the kits change with the team.

The Tries and Tables are… pretty cool looking, they even have their own models and colours. The if the player fumbles, the ball goes into the hole to the left.

They are very minimalistic. But it gives you a reason to stop and take a closer look when you see them.

You can also be part of the pilot program by purchasing a jersey for US$19.90 and you will


Features Key:

  • Sepia Tears – Original Soundtrack
  • The First Official Game Soundtrack
  • The Dearest Son story line music
  • Story Mode Music
  • Battle Mode Music


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Return to the time of the old west with LEGO® Star Wars™: The
Force Awakens™! Everything you know and love about the classic LEGO
Star Wars movies comes to life in this playable version of the epic
Disney movie. Get on a speeder, pilot a TIE Fighter or take control of
a droid to defend your friends and complete your mission.
Choose your favorite characters from the movie and battle it out in
different iconic locations, like Endor, Starkiller Base, Jakku and
even the Death Star!
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ has been playable since the
release of the movie. If you want to experience the game in a special
way to celebrate the epic Star Wars movie, you’ll find one of the
pre-order bonuses: an exclusive LEGO® Star Wars: The Force Awakens
light-up helmet.
About the Game:
Choose your favorite heroes and defend the Resistance from the First
Order in this LEGO® Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ game.
An epic-scale game set in the Star Wars universe, complete with
authentic LEGO® Star Wars characters, vehicles and iconic environments.
You’ll be tasked to take on the First Order as your hero, defend the
Resistance and protect the lives of the innocent.
Star Wars
Fans can choose to play as any of the main heroes from the
movie including Poe Dameron, Han Solo, Captain Phasma, Rey, Finn and
Obi-Wan Kenobi. But your hero doesn’t have to be from the movie
to play, as any of your favorite characters from the film can be
added to your side.
Play free-roam missions in iconic locations like Jakku, Starkiller
Base and Endor. You can pilot the iconic TIE Fighter, along with
other iconic vehicles like the Millennium Falcon and AT-ACT Walker.
Defend the Resistance in fights against a relentless First Order
army. Search planets and fly across the universe in ship battles
against the First Order. And join forces with other Resistance
faction fighters to defend the freedom of entire star systems.
Key Features
– Play as any of your favorite characters from the movie including
Poe Dameron, Han Solo, Captain Phasma, Rey, Finn and Obi-Wan
– An epic game set in the Star Wars universe, complete with
authentic LEGO® Star Wars characters, vehicles


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It’s not work and easy to win, so if you can see a series of achievement in this game you better stop play this game and start another game until you get achievements because this game is not easy to get achievements in this game. I repeat, not easy to unlock achievements in this game. This game is easy to unlock achievements, you just need some experience.

Don’t expect a deep game, but rather a fun game. Possibly the most simplistic game I have ever played.

This game has many flaws, but if you are willing to be patient and don’t mind a rather simple game, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. It’s a treat for the eye, and an entertaining adventure through a playground of an abandoned laboratory.

Just to be very clear, I am no longer developing this game, but if I were to make it now, I would make it a run ‘n gun game, like Commander Keen was. Maybe even make it single player only. I feel that a graphical remake would be more fitting for the original creators, but I may put it back on the site if I get enough interest.

StorylineWaking up in the desert, you discover that you have some kind of strange powers. You get a signal, and after some digging, you discover that it’s called a Decibel Beacon, and it’s a device that transmits an unlimited supply of energy. Armed with that newfound power, you team up with a Chinese SWAT team to search for the location of the device, and help them by tracking down whatever group stole it.In the game that follows, you will help them capture one of the members of the group, it’s up to you to take down the rest.


Great controls

Graphically beautiful

6 exciting levels

Score (Replay) mode available

6 achievements

Playable with a controller (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

DirectX 9.0c

Installation instructions

1) Unzip the content to your desired location. 2) Run setup.exe and select “I want to activate now” to register the game with the GameCenter. 3) You’re done.


I am not affiliated with this developer. They released this as an experiment for me. Like I said, I will be hosting it on the site if there’s enough interest.



What’s new in Action Card Football:

    says… Obama Supreme Court ruling on voting rights will help Dems, oppose gun rights

    From the Reasonable Voters Network: It seems to be the day before the US Supreme Court announces their decision regarding the right to vote. The Wall Street Journal and Reuters are quoting political analysis vowing to make it a banner day for Democrats. The narrative in the media is one of a fight between two extremes, Democrats vs. Republicans, and the Democrats (white, unmarried female homeowners) have a strong and clear case that will surely prevail over the Republicans (stale, white men). This cannot be an accurate description of today’s decision.

    It is not a question of who wins in the end, just as it is not a question of who loses. This is a question of the proportionality of today’s decision. Just as the NRA argued that the upheld provision would be disruptive to the voice of individuals, the no-vote was the predictable result. Millions of dollars of independent expenditure money were spent on advertising and voters were polled in convincing numbers supporting the no-vote. The external evidence strongly suggests that the most significant social change this ruling would bring is the loss of extreme extremes on both sides. From a 25% vote share for Obama in 2012 to close to 50% today; from an immigration policy that has been openly punitive to millions of young people to a record number of women running for office on both sides; from a vast chasm of division between the two major parties to young people empowered to split the vote and thereby stop the duopoly.

    What we are seeing is a balancing of forces the solution for which is not yet visible. The most important political news of the day was not the outcome of the oral argument. It was the fact that 100,000 people filled the streets of Washington DC on a rainy Tuesday. Equally important was the fact that tens of millions of dollars of corporate interests were spent hiring corporate and DC lobbying firms and their staff to represent their interest in this battle. We are not talking about single campaign contributions of a few thousand dollars, but thousands, millions, and tens of millions. Does the overabundance of corporate expenditures indicate a different kind of decision or just a different dialogue in our corporate mass communication framework? Will justice or judgment be on display in today’s decision or will law be applied in a way that results in a political advantage at one pole or another?

    I invite everyone to think about these questions and what will be the result of them. Do we prefer


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    Dungeon of the Mad Mage is the second game by Deep Shadow Studios in the chronology of the Dungeon of the Endless series. It is now available for purchase, with a fully playable version and an extensive free preview coming to the site soon. The game presents the unique battle system, based on the role-playing genre, of Rolemaster, a game series that has been translated into over 20 languages and has sold more than 10 million copies since its introduction in 1989.

    Game information:

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage is the sequel to the classic Dungeon of the Endless, featuring the same strategic and tactical gameplay, as well as the legendary role-playing elements brought by the Rolemaster engine, combined with a brand new setting, Mageworld.

    The Mad Mage is not your traditional swords-and-sorcery hero. He is not fighting to save the world from an army of evil wizards or merely to protect the weak. He is a wizard of rare power, who does not care whether or not he lives or dies. He is a man of ruthless ambition. The Mad Mage is determined to bring down the mighty empire that has threatened his life for so long.

    Artifacts of the Mad Mage is the first module of the series to include several unique scenes where the Mad Mage and his companions interact with the world around them. It is suitable for both experienced Dungeon of the Endless players and for new fans of this classic role-playing game. The module includes detailed and beautiful illustrations and artwork, and is suitable for both new and veteran players.

    Quick-start information:

    The basic version of Artifacts of the Mad Mage, Basic, is available for Free.

    In Basic, the player has access to a fully playable version of the module. The adventure contains numerous setting and plot details that will help you understand the arc of the story, but the combat rules are missing. Basic features an introductory adventure, in which the player will fight through a series of encounters, exploring the environment for secret items and enemies and organizing their characters. The basic version of Artifacts of the Mad Mage is suitable for new Dungeon of the Endless players who want to try the game before buying the module.

    The Ultimate version, Ultimate, is a fully playable, campaign-length version of Artifacts of the Mad Mage. It is a Complete, Self-Pacing, Co-Operative version of the adventure. Ultimate features detailed descriptions of the characters and their equipment, detailed combat rules, and additional plot elements


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