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Features Key:

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It was the first turn-based wargame I ever played. I learned its basic rules during a visit to the living room of a boy my age. Later, a couple of years later, I learned the basics of its 2-level mechanic. And this is how the first part of the game was created. After some years, we thought of expanding the game to other levels. We wanted a game that would require more strategy, in which we can play a better defense than in our first game. As we progressed in the game, we thought of a three-level mechanic, that would impose different mechanics to players who only started to play. We decided to create a game that would require some effort to understand the game mechanics, but we also decided to keep some aspects of the original game. Our strategy was to create a game that is easy to play in short periods of time. Because of the game mechanic, and because of the great graphic, we decided to create the game in Italy, with great reference to our experience in the game. Inspired by the written work of the German game “LOGistICAL”, our game “LOGistICAL Italy” is a turn-based game where the players play as German soldiers and Italian partisans, defending themselves against the Axis armies. Our game distinguishes itself from the German original game by the presence of 3 levels of mechanic. Beginning With the original game “LOGistICAL” (I) The original LOGISTICAL game was born in the early sixties in Germany. It was composed of 12 Germans and 12 partisans, two players, each one of them with a board and a die. There were four infantry, two infantry weapons, two tank, two artillery, two anti-tank, two explosive, two flanking. The board consisted of one hex, and there were two rounds per infantry combat. Yes, in the beginning LOGISTICAL was completely turn-based. For this reason, LOGISTICAL attracted many fans, like myself. But we were looking for a new level of play, a better balance between the two armies, a more solid defense. After some years, we decided to design an expansion of the game with an additional level of play. We decided to design a game where the armies had more ways of playing. For this reason, we decided to multiply the army of partisans by 4, from 12 to 24. We had to create 12 new armies, add more rounds c9d1549cdd


A Lullaby Of Colors VR [Updated]

-Control a group of trains in the metro station -Construct a train path for the passengers -Set your own rules for road traffic, pedestrians, parking and cars -And much more! Storyline: -City of Paris -Architecture of the city -Infrastructure and transportation needs of the city -Rural city planning and development -All data supplied by the people at the Leibniz Institute of Urban Planning & Development. -Updates Please visit www.paris-metro.com for more information about the metro and for an in-game FAQ. News! -New urban planning game! -Development status (80% complete): -First gameplay video of the city of Paris: -First gameplay video of the city of Paris: War is coming, and it’s time to fight for your freedom, your homeland and your honour in the epic struggle for control of the Eastern Steppes. Forces allied with the Mongol Horde are massing against the Tatars and their allies on the Dnieper Peninsula. Fight to the end to protect the land of your people! With accurate reproduction of one of the greatest stories of our time, and with the cutting edge visuals that only Epic Games can provide, your Empire will have the most epic game to play! Features:- Prepare for the Mongol Horde with the Imperial Army! – Win the Battle of the Bulgars in the open-field battle of Manzikert! – Lure the Horde with bountiful fields and vistas in the Crimean Peninsula! – Protect the Black Sea region from emerging threats! Developed by Epic Games and based on the cutting-edge engine Unreal Engine 4, Reign of Kings is an epic real-time strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux. Features: – Intense battles in a beautiful world, full of color and detail! – Play in one of six different campaigns, each focusing on a different theme and location. – Command your armies in epic multiplayer battles with up to four players in co-op! – Test your skills on Leaderboards, and compete against players around the world! – Unlock all-new units and weapons to expand and upgrade your army. – Devastate your enemies in unique ways with 22 different strategic combinations! – Explore a fully-free, open-world map spanning 15 different countries and regions. – Beautifully rendered for PC


What’s new in A Lullaby Of Colors VR:

Has Already Been Born With the crowning of Bikini Kill—her spirited, cult-favorite feminist punk-rock group, the only all-girl band in the U.S. to turn scorching basement shows into world famous raves, not to mention the galvanizing event that galvanized legions of fans into the riot grrrl movement—the celebration of punk rock is beginning in earnest. One can argue that punk rock has been with us all along, and that its various strains and strains of music-making have been enduringly popular. But this is the first time that punk seems poised to become a fully fledged, mainstream musical movement, not that the girls were the best thing to happen to “alternative rock” (if we may borrow a term from Michael Azerrad’s out-of-print “Dennie and the Kids”), but certainly they are the most important thing to happen to punk since the Sex Pistols. Bikini Kill helped to begin that talk, and her hometown colleagues in the riot grrrl movement with others—the fierce-but-fine Pussy Riots, Vaginal Trigger, D.C.’s Huggy Bunch, Wisconsin’s Lunachicks, and the always-troubled, but vital, Killing Joke in Britain—are contributing sorely needed support for their mother institution, drawing up to ten thousand women to scream, chant, and dance at a concert in 2002 and possibly attracting hundreds of thousands when they tour later this year in support of a 12-CD compilation, Monster Puberty. That touring (or whatever it’ll be called) will be a giant-reaching affair, told with love and fierceness and each band’s individual creative unique. And like every new punk movement since the Sex Pistols, the punk-rock movement has predicated itself, like so many more recent artistic movements (think The Beatles), on the appeal of musical experimentation at the fusion of rock and pop. Where there is chaos, rebellious mayhem, an invigorating sense of newness for old-meatheads, all it takes is a muttering mass of eager twentysomethings to turn it into a movement, to choose “one, two, three, four”; drummer and local friend Kristin Hocko


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Two mute and mutually uncommunicative siblings reunite after their mother dies. After the service, Marie and Marius return to a dreary and foggy living room, and each one sits in front of the TV set. The screen shows them the TV show “My Brother Rabbit”, a children’s show based on their own childhoods. While watching, Marius sees a flower that he promised to his brother before she died, and decides to bring it to him. Marie can’t remember their mother, and hardly anyone could have imagined what it’d become like after she died. They decide to look for the missing mother, and to do this, they must solve puzzles to unveil their past and their present. Features: – Learn about their memories of their childhood with each game episode, and what might have been their everyday life. – Learn about the house the siblings live in, and how they have survived for their whole lives. – Fight against time and solve puzzles to decipher the truth about the missing mother. – Import your own videos and images for better replayability. – Each game episode is about 15 minutes long. – Helping people is a good thing to do, and doing it with a pet rabbit is a lot more fun. – Make your own path through the story, and explore the house as much as you can. – Big and small challenges. – Three game modes, campaign, normal, and survival. – Play in steam and web mode. – Gamepad support. – Voice acting. System Requirements: – Internet connection required to download the game. – 500 MB memory space is recommended. Visit My Brother Rabbit store at Visit www.gabblegame.com for more info! My Brother Rabbit is also available on STEAM: Recommended Games: – Journey of a Thousand Miles *This game contains adult-oriented themes. Discontinue purchase if you’re below 18 years old* For more information, please visit our official website at: For any question or suggestion, please visit us in one of our online communities at: Join our Facebook page at:


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System Requirements For A Lullaby Of Colors VR:

Windows 7 64-bit Mac OS X 10.6 or later Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 Recommended: 2048 x 1536 Installation instructions: 0. Extract the archive to your computer and follow the instructions to install. Run the game and play! Remember to enable the in-game menu option for the following settings: Resolution, VR, Hardware rendering, Video quality, Audio quality, In-game music, Music volume, Text speed, Characters size, Characters quality, SSAO and Texture quality. Known issues:



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